Meet the Crew



Jim was born and raised in Orleans and has fished all over Cape Cod since he started back in pre-school. At the age of 12, Jim started as a mate on a charter boat and fell in love with taking people out fishing. After graduating Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Captain Jim decided that it was his turn to open a charter boat to share his love of fishing with others.



Ben also grew up in Orleans and has been a pure outdoors man since he was young. He has been a mate for many years with Jim. His ability to rig baits and gear is unmatched. Ben is an essential asset to our team ensuring all the gear is ready to go at any time it’s needed.



Matt was born in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. At the age of 20 he moved to Yarmouth to learn and live out the Cape Cod fishing experience. Matt is our research expert, he has spent hundreds of hours researching the best gear for every kind of fishing possible. With his ability to find the information needed, we know we always have the best gear on the market.